El Ciervo

100% love it
The oldest gay bar in GDL
The rancheros here might come off gruff, but they're really nice and open-minded. However, the location of this bar is not ideal - make sure to take out some cab money.


    • Buscando
      Buscando Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This place is great - lots of good looking vaqueros. I went with a local and found the place to be friendly. A guy I thought was the owner or manager was at the door greeting people as they came in. The place is not cruisey in the American sense. Everyone sits at tables or the bar. Contacts seem to be made in the bathroom. I had what I thought was a very Mexican experience. Sat at the bar doing tequila caballitos and listenting to Vicente Fernandez sing Guadalajara on the juke box. Plan to go back soon.

    • Love This Bar!
      Honestly there are many wonderful Gay bars and clubs in Guadalajara. Although my friends went around and discovered the ones filled with young guys and twinks...my taste is totally the opposite. I prefer older very macho, down to earth, cowboys preferably with moustaches and long side burns like Vincente Fernandez. I've been to many cities in Mexico and this is definately my favorite. No need for bright colors, heavy perfumes and ton of gel. This is bar with men who like, talk and act straight. I only wish I had the guts to speak to one of them but I was very shy and left without meeting anyone! I'lll be back next month though to try again.

    • armando
      armando Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The other side of gay Guadalajara
      Yes, it is one of the oldest bars, and it is close to the old bus station, so many commuters will stop by here. If you are interested in local flavors, with no attitude, this is the place to go, but better if you go with somebody that knows the crowd. Not fancy, not a dance club, but many charros, rancheros y macho guys here.