Mexico's second largest city has retained much of its European influence whether that's within it's numerous museums, galleries, street side cafes, and vibrant restaurants renovated from Colonial mansions or it's ornate cathedrals that grace the sky. Guadalajara is the capitol of the state of Jalisco and known for its tequila production, mariachi bands, ranchero culture, and culinary traditions. The men of Guadalajara or Tapatio's are said to be the most handsome in Mexico and we believe it.

It's no surprise that Guadalajara also boasts a vibrant LGBTQ+ community complete gay cantinas, underground techno parties that last until dawn, a plethora of dance clubs, and lavish bathhouses. GDL's gay life is based in two neighborhoods Zona Rosa/Paseo Chapultepec/Colonia Americana and the Centro Historico.

Stroll through Zona Rosa and you'll find both modern and renovated building with quaint cafes, cantinas, and commercial shops catering to the gay community. Visitors yearning to explore a more quirky side of GSL would enjoy staying in this neighborhood.

The Centro Historico is denser, louder, and in the heart of all the gay action where you'll find many of the city's top gay nightlife and attractions. Gay bars with strippers and antros (clubs) keep the music pumping into the break of dawn. Guadalajara is plastered with taco stands, late-night Mexican restaurants, and other less glamorous dining options that operate well into the night, serving spicy platters and bubbly cerveza to wash it all down.

Not to be outdone by other Latin American cities, Guadalajara's pride parade--which happens annually in June--is a colorful celebration of equality and love, with more than 200,000 people in attendance every year. Though same-sex marriage is now legal throughout Mexico, there are still several issues of discrimination to overcome.

Every Sunday, from 8 am to 2 pm, the main avenues and streets throughout the city are closed to give way to people on bikes, roller skates, or walks aficionados allowing a magical way to enjoy Guadalajara´s excellent climate and architecture.